im planning on buying a bass and amp within a few days and did some beginners research. i decided i dont want to go with something too cheap and would probably be happier with mid-class gear so i could learn well and eventually get the sounds i want without needing much of an upgrade for a few years. i eventually found a bass guitar (Traben Array Limited 5S) that i think might give me what im looking for, but ill be going into a music shop in the next few days to play with different equipment.

im hoping people could point out some basses that i should look at when im in the music store and also some amps around the 400-500 dollar range (or whatever it takes, but around there).

i also wanted to know if anyone has heard the Traben Array Limited 5S bass, played with it or heard any info on it that they could share with me.

im also interested in pedals to help achieve certain sounds if needed. i hear an amp with an effects loop helps when using pedals, so im wondering if i should narrow down my amp choices to one with an effects loop.

ill list some videos with bass playing that im interested in, incase anyone can help me out.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=d4R0enuhQSo .. id love to emulate the bass in this song (pedals?)



traben basses from my experience are EXTREMLY heavy

when Moses brought down the plagues upon Egypt one of them involved Behringer amps

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Quote by Narcotics
traben basses from my experience are EXTREMLY heavy

Narcotics is right. Traben uses larger bridges and minimum routing in their basses to get that really deep tone, but there is also alot of weight.

Try playing around with some Schecters. They're great basses and the Custom 5 lists for around $550 USD. (I don't feel like checking ) From an owners point of view, it was a great second bass for me and also very versatile tone wise. I'm sure at least someone in this forum can vouch for that.

If not those, you could always try Fenders, but I'm not sure that's what your looking for.
Just take a look around the store, play a bunch of stuff, and find something you like or at least certain characteristics in basses that you like so you can have a more specific search when you get back.
anyone know much about the Dean Playmate Edge 10 4-String and if they compare to the deep tone of a Traben?