My band has possibly the worrrssstt name ever and i finally got my band mates to agree with me and we are going to change the name. The old name was "Hell Has No Fury"and my problem with that name is first of all is YES IT DOES and second it sounds to much like that old cliche "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" but we are not a chick band so it sucks. Now that was just some backround info I really just want to get an opinion on some new names

1. Vilier(as in Vile-Er)

2. Honor lost

3. Sacralies

4. Paradoxcide

5. Alterd Sanity

6. Masking lives lost

7. Defying false fate
P.S. Were a death metal band
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ehh...none sound good to me except Honor Lost
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