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Haven't been here too long but I like the C4C idea. I'm a guitarist and singer always looking o collaborate with people. Check out my covers here and I'll do the same. http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Supercharged350/music/all/play59414

Holy **** this is amazing

You have a great timing and playing with the guitar and a great and discrete voice.
I don't know what you could improve.. because its all so perfect.. holy **** how low have you been playing?!

Greets From Germany!

Please comment on my Master Of Puppets Solo. Cant wait to get a professional comment ( signature )
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The recording sounds profesional, because there isn't a single mistake, it's just amazing. You get such a nice sound from your guitar, it's perfect, and also love your voice cause, although i don't like songs where the singer is screaming all the time, i thought yours was really great.

I can't say anything more, i'm totaly impressed.
Could I ask you to crit one of my covers, although I think you will get bored because my technic is nothing compared to yours, but anyway, if you can give it a check will be great.

Thanks and make more songs, I've already listened to all your songs and want more!

Link -> https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=658791
Thanks for taking the time to listen guys. I appreciate the props on my recordings but I certainly respect musicians of all styles and skill levels.

hirkammett-great solo bro, loved the trem work. I left comments on your youtube page. Thanks for the welcome.

ajove123-nicely done as well, U2 writes some great songs. You did really good with your use of effects. I left you comments on your post.

Thanks again guys.
he TS, what do you use to recordwith. i mean could you describe your recording rig to me please?
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Thanks everyone but let me clarify I did not play the guitars on Tornado Of Souls (check my comments on the tune) A great guitarist from Ireland named Dave did all the guitars and bass and I did the vocals. The solo is cut a little short because it was originally a scratch track that Dave was going to redo but unfortunately he hurt his wrist and is currently rehabing it so we decided to go with it as is.

My recording rig is a bit quirky to say the least. I record everything on a Roland VS1680 digital 16 track recorder. For guitar I usually play a GMW Charvel reproduction with a Duncan JB or an Ibanez MTM-1 with EMG's into a Splawn Pro Stock (think hot-rodded Marshall) and mic up a Randall Isolation cab with a single V30 speaker. For vocals I have a cheap CAD condensor mic. I convert alot of midi for backing tracks and I use Drumkit From Hell for my drums. After I get my tracks laid down then I bounce them individually over to my PC. I use Adobe Audition 1.5 and a farely long list of plugins to mix (although I really like the Waves stuffs alot) and Isotopes Ozone 3 and PSP's Vintage Warmer for mastering.

Captain Planet thanks for the listen, I hit you back...
i've always been a fan of your recordings supercharged, you have a great voie for hard rock.

i remember we did a collab of "symphony of destruction" together

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amazing covers. forgive my lack of knowledge but what are C4C's? i've seen the term all over here and just want to be sure
c4c = crit for crit...it means if you comment about someones song thne they'll comment about yours.

Great vocals on Tornado of Souls...plsu your playing on the other songs is pretty much spot-on. I really like the sound quality. I guess it's worth it to buy some fancier equipment than I have You're really good, man.

If you could crit my cover of The Spirit Carries on solo by Dream Theaater, that woudl be awesome...it's in my profile.
I appreciate you all taking the time to listen and comment.

Rich it's good to see you again, we'll have to do another tune.

flame843, nice job on the Dream Theater. I left comments on you profile.