OK so i live in ac ountry where guitars arent that important, therefore there isint alot of brands, anyways i bought a B.C. Rich my style of music is something like Bullet For My Valentin, staind, metallica, trivium, Ac/dc stuff like that. byut my real question is whats better the B.C. Rich or an Ibanez??
I think the Ibanez would be more versatile.
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Ibanez by far, depending on the series of BC Rich. Hopefully u didnt buy a Bronze series, those seem to be made of plywood. But the Ibanez is much better than any non-custom shop BC Rich in the same price range.
all i can say about bc rich warlocks is....eww
i'd get that hunk of junk returned if you can, if not i'd just save up for something better, that ibanez shouldn't be too bad.
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ok imma noob here lol really im not dedicated to my guitar but i want to be be4 it ws just a different story, so can you electricsnake tell me bout it cuz i feel really stupid now, whats bad an good (if theres any) about the warlock
Don't be so hard on yourself. In that price range there isn't all that much difference in quality of the pickups and electronics. It is made of Agathis wood which is its worst point. With a good setup you will be alright. One positive is that you didn't get one with a cheapie tremelo. With a hard tail it will at least stay in tune.
the bad news is that you dont exactly have a great guitar

the good news is you can still start playing (assuming you have an amp, patchcord)

learn chords and stuff, scales, etc., and save up for a better guitar
you'll do fine so long as you practice.
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wel its true im not that big of a guitarist but still i know the basic and some of the advanced stuff know what i mean? so this is my last question and i wont bother anymore, waht would you choose between the warlock bronze or a squier strat???
well squier is risky... sum of them suck nutz while sum are actually quite good, i have a squier strat and it has impressed many ppl w/ its tone
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