No vocals yet as I can't sing and am still searching for someone who can..

Its just 2 songs with me on bass and guitar and the crappy drum loops that are on my keyboard..

If you have any suggestions or just comments in general, anything is welcome. Let me know what you think overall.

You can go on the UG profile or on the myspace page in the sig

and link me your music and i'll check it out c4c style


The first recorded song, to me, sounded like something out of the 80's. Thats not a bad thing however, I enjoyed it. I really think it could benefit from vocals. The solo thing towards the end fits the mood of the song perfectly. If you ever get the chance I think this ones worthy of studio time, just write a melody and some lyrics to go with it. Ha, the laugh at the end tripped me out.

The second song sounds more modern. It sounds good when rhythm comes in with the lead. I think the drums take away from this one however, it doesn't really seem to go with it too well. Maybe bring in a real drummer if you can?

I like the first one better, but the second ones not bad.

Think you could maybe give me some feedback on my original?

I'd really appreciate it!
i'd love to .. the only drummer i know is my cousin and he definitely do it.. but actually getting him to commit to that small favor is a bit of a task lol.. but yeah man, thanks and im glad you liked them..

the drum loop i used was one of the ones on the keyboard i have.. and they all suck for like rock music.. and i could theoretically use the drum kit option and try to actually make one that would sound better but i think that would suck even worse.. but i totally agree with the drums not being the right fit.. going to crit yours now..