so im just wonder which guitar site mail guitars to canadians?

i think www.music123.com does, musiciansfriend ships some small stuff, it'll have a canadian flag beside teh price if it ships to canada, and i feel your pain of trying to find a discount guitar site that ships up here
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I would check out these 2 sites before ordering from the U.S

Both these sites are located in canada...I buy from both sites...free shipping on orders of $199 or more.

Even if those american sites say they ship to Canada they wont ship certain items...also I think they charge a tarif on the items from the U.S or something similar to a tarif.

Here are the canadian sites.
La Muisc.ca...just type in search box what you want...site is a bit tough to navigate however search works best.

Axe Music.com

Right now I have my eye on a Gibson Flying V from LA music.ca...nice price at $769 canadian dollars.

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