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I've been having trouble recording my vocals and acoustic guitar at the same time. I have a AKG Perception 200 Large-Diaphragm Condenser running into a Xenyx 1202 mixer straight to my computer. The problem I have with recording is it's either too loud or too low, one or the other. My guitar seems to be too loud and my vocals drowned out and when I try to go too close to the microphone(almost swallowing it) the quality really suffers. I've heard some people use a two microphone set-up, one for their guitar and one for their vocal. I was wondering how can that be done? wouldn't the guitar leak into the vocal mic? Well, hopefully someone can help me fix this problem. Thank you very much!
just do it in two steps if you have just one mic.

first record the guitar
then setup to playback the guitar while you record the vocals.

using a good preamp helps on the vocals

and if needed, the Shure SM57 mic is good for vocals as well as a bunch of other things in the studio. Best part is its good price.
When i record acoustic I dont point the mic directly at the guitar sound hold...instead turn the mic so its pointed in the same direction as the guitar neck...dont put the mic to close to guitar and no more than a foot away I would say.

I would record yourself singing and playing guitar at the same time...then do the acoustic part again while playing along to original guitar and vocal track...then do another take of vocals only...

I may also record the acoustic by itself 2 times and pan each track to each side to create a more stereo sound.
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Thanks for the replies! Recording separately would be the other option I could take but I've seen people on Youtube record without having to do so, so I was wondering if there is something they were doing that I wasn't. I just recently got the Condenser mic and have no idea how powerful it was. It'll record the slightest movement. Getting my vocals to match with my guitar on this mic alone would be impossible wouldn't it? I am not a pro or anything so all feedbacks appreciated!
ive been having the same problem, I have one very good microphone and 2 very poor ones, wen i want to record vocals and guitar at the same time the quality greatly suffers, so what I do is i record seperatly doing 2 rough takes and matching them to the best of my ability, then i do like d vincent said and record again listening to the first take so i get a better understanding of the flow and stuff to maintain it then do the vocals again the same way, its your best bet until you buy another microphone