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this chick can rock. she plays guitar ang sings in the susan tedeschi band. and i think she has something to do with the derek trucks band.

Susan Tedeschi's voice has been described as a blend of Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin, though she explains this is due to sharing the same influences as the two. Her guitar playing is influenced by Buddy Guy, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Freddie King and Doyle Bramhall II.

anyone heard of her? discuss.
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yeah she's pretty good. My friend thought she's like the cleaned up version of janis joplin, but yeah she's pretty good.
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Yeah her connection with the Derek Trucks Band is that Derek Trucks is her husband.

Haven't really heard much from her though.
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i have a pretty cool story about her.

I started working for a sound company and this one band we do every weekend (Cross Eyed Cat) was playing a show back in the late 80's/early 90's and this young girl came up with her acoustic guitar and asked if she could open up for them one night. They laughed at her and told her to leave.

The girl was Susan Tedeschi, now they regret doing that, they could be a lot bigger then they are.
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Interesting story.

I've watched a few video of Susan Tedeschi, but the only recording I have of here is on Baby, You're Right from the Derek Trucks Band album Joyful Noise.

It's interesting how despite growing up in Massachussets that she can sing with a Southern, soulful voice.
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yeah i absolutely love her. i have a couple of her albums.
i have a cool story about her, when i went to Berklee (which is where she went) i had the same guitar teacher that she had.
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Quote by freebird_17
she does an awesome version of Led Zeps "rock and roll"

..with KWS on guitar right? Havent heard that in a while, but if I remember correctly it kicks ass!
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She's on the new Crossroads Guitar Festival II DVD I picked up last night.

She's greatly improved as a guitar player but still has a long way to go. She lifts her left hand way to far off the fretboard and looks like she's slapping the strings most of the time.

Here is a few links to Susan Tedeschi:



However, she is a superfantastic singer. Got the right mix of soul, smoke and whiskey for the blues.

I enjoy listening to her but she's not the best player around that's for sure.

If you dig on female blues players check out Debbie Davies. Now she can play! Check her out

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Quote by SuburbanCowboy
..with KWS on guitar right? Havent heard that in a while, but if I remember correctly it kicks ass!

I much prefer their version to the original. Tighter than a gnat's crotch.
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