hey, in a couple weeks it's gonna be my grandparents anniversary and they want me to play a song for them. my grandpa wants something from fiddler on the roof, like sunrise, sunset, for any of you that know the play. well, i can't find anything about it online, and i was wondering if anybody else had any other song suggestions for the anniversary. allright..thanks for your time. peace
uncle ****er?
If we're never together, if I'm never back again, well i swear to God that I'll love you forever. Evelyn, I'm not coming home tonight.
Can you sing? If so, how well?
Miss Scourge? PM me.

I am the mistress of ManWithoutAHat . This pleases me.
Sing If I Were a Rich Man, complete with hand motions.

Sunrise, Sunset would be a good choice. Maybe you should just sing it if you can't figure it out by ear.