So I've been researching what I would want in a second guitar. I've been playing for a year and a half, but my Ibanez GAX can drive me crazy at times (never really stays in tune, input jack falls out). I'm looking to spend 300-500 on a good guitar. I love soapbars, so it's come down to choosing between the following...

Hagstrom F-200P

PRS Soapbar II SE


Now here's the rub: I have long fingers, and Hagstroms generally have thin necks, but I also would like a tremolo bridge, which the Hagstrom has, but the PRS doesn't. Also, I can't seem to find a local guitar shop that has Hagstroms in store, although they do have the PRS I'm looking for. So the question is, what would you suggest I do?
Personally, I would go with the PRS because you can try before you buy. Plus, even though its an SE, its still a PRS, which speaks for itself.
As a side note, I think that hagstrom is one ugly S.O.B., but thats just me.
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I've played the PRS, It sounded awesome!

But, I didn't like the way the neck felt, too fat for me, but I'm 15, so it'll probably be good for you!

And, Don't PRS's come with a wammy option?
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I'd personally go with the PRS because, it'll feel smaller and lighter compared to your Ibanez (which probably has a really long neck due to the fact that it has 24 frets right?) and the Ibanez's are... just.. heavy... so. Ya.

I made the switch from an Ibanez to a PRS myself, and, though you might not like the sound of the PRSs... it still holds its own, in my opinion
To respond to CORT, I'm 16, so not that much older...I just have really long fingers. I mean, people call me "Jazz Hands" sometimes.

Anyways, it sounds like it's unanimously the PRS. I realized being able to try the guitar helps a lot. And I was going to get the white Hagstrom, not the ugly, sparkly amalgam. Thanks for the help, guys!