how much is it for a guitar tech to set up your guitar?
and where can i find a tech?
Any small local music shop should do it for a low price, I got my bass Action set, some rewireing done and all that jazz for $20 including the tip.

Always tip the guys, You'll probably be back there again.
the price depends on the tech, and you could find one at your nearest music store. or maybe a neighbour is experienced with guitars and could do it for you
Now officially has too much gear to list

PM me if you want to know about my recording setup
I think my local music shop does it for $40 but last time I had it done they forgot to charge me for set up and I only had to pay the price of the strings.
i know a dude who charges like, $75 but hes does an AMAZING job. and if you think that all jobs are the same, you are very wrong.

oh and thats with a floyd, setup floating.
I get it free because my Dad does it. He rules!!!
Come at me bro.