So I have really been debating what I want for my birthday (Sept. 18), and I think I have found something I've wanted for a while and that I can afford.

The Ibanez AD9 Reissue delay pedal.

I've always wanted a delay to fatten up my sound, and this one seems to get great reviews.

I know it's only 300ms, but that's all I really want.

So, anybody care to chime in or give their opinion on this pedal?

One more question, would I be able to get delay like this on the pedal: http://media.putfile.com/Delay-1

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my birthday is the 15th *high-five*

good pedal, but i haven't really fooled around with it too much, you could always send it in to keeley later and have him do his thing, you can get some expression pedals!
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I fooled around with a bunch of pedals at Sam Ash today and that was one of the ones I played. All I could say was, "Well, it's a delay pedal". If all you want is just delay, go for it, nice bypass, good delays, but not really good for anything else. I was extremely tempted to buy the BOSS DD-6, but I'm saving up for a new amp. I'd reccomend the DD-6 for all around awesoneness, (bunch of cool effects and more delay time) and the AD9 for straight up, awesome delay and nothing else.

So basically, AD9 for straight up great delay, but nothing more than that.
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