Hey there im an amature but i want to get good, im learning more and more about different effects and enhancements and stuff but basically I recorded a bare acoustic track of hear you me through a Peavy Microphone plugged into a LANEY Acoustic Amplifier which is plugged into my Peavy PV8 Mixer lol. I used a few minor effects to clear up the track but its pretty bare.

I was wondering what I can do to clean this up and ake it sound fresher and more powerful, I think you know what I mean lol, just some advise or something anything heres the preview its just under 30 seconds of a preview of Hear You Me By Jimmy Eat World...I just want advice on how to spice up the sound not on how to play :P

Click Here To Listen To The Preview
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up down up down up down.... it gets boring after awhile. The only advice I would give you is to change your strumming pattern up a little bit.
try picking the root note of the chord before playing the chord when strumming...of course not all chords have to be played like that however it will help you have a more solid rhythm tecnique.
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thanks guys im appretiating the playing advice but i guess i stated it unclearly im lookin for some advice in the eidting process to make the sound of my guitar clearer and more acousticy lol if that makes any sense unless my ears are just untrained
sorry for the double post but the site he has in his sig he recommended is extremely helpful and i recommend it for anyone whos new to it, go through it all (it will take a while) but its worth it...thanks again