ey guys, my band is recording our first demo next weekend and i was wondering if any of the more seasoned musicians on ug could offer any advice or anything about recording as its going to be my first time in a studio. cheers.
just do what the tech tells you to.

But if you dont like how something sounds, you have to tell the person running the studio, because it will get on your nerves everytime you listen to it if you dont.
When it's time for mix-down be calm and patient. It's really exciting to hear yourself played back thru the headphones but you have to listen to it as if you were listening to someone else. If something doesn't agree with your ears, speak up. Don't settle for anything less than 100% satisfaction. This is something you're going to be presenting to everyone and you want to give them the best representation of you.

Most importantly...relax and have fun. Treat is as a practice session, just somewhere different. The engineer in the studio we went to showed us a dollar on the monitor next to him. He said it was for bands that could nail all their songs in one take. He also showed us how much dust was on the monitor. That changed our initial attitude right off the bat. Be patient with each other, and don't get upset if one guy screws up alot. 17 takes on one song and our drummer was ready to kill the bassist but the dude was a nervous wreck. We got thru it.