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I fell asleep with the radio playing "The Wasp (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)" by the Doors. I started dreaming that I was driving a convertible through a highway in California or Nevada or somewhere (there were only gas stations and stuff and it was sunset on the desert, it could have been Route 66) with my nine year old brother. We were talking and stuff, then we stop somewhere and get something to eat. We get back in the car, and it's dark. We're driving, and we come to a toll booth, and the light from the toll booth shows that the blue part of his eyes are red. And I said "Spencer, what's wrong" and he didn't answer. Then I asked "Spencer, are you possessed?" Then he smiled a weird creepy smile. Then I was just like "Fuck it. " and I woke up.

The Doors song was still on the radio. I'm never sleeping while listening to them again.

(I had a dream earlier that my dad caught me masturbating in the back room of his office, but it wasn't me, and ended up being a huge conspiracy.)
There ain't no moral to this story at all. Anything I tell you very well could be a lie.
... I am dumber for reading that...


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... I am dumber for reading that...


No need to be a dick...
There ain't no moral to this story at all. Anything I tell you very well could be a lie.
I once fell asleep while listening to Eisley, the whole Room Noises album on repeat. When I woke up, the first thing I heard was Eisley, with the girl singing:

'Wake up in the morning
I shall wake up and so shall you
And I wake up, the sun is beautiful'

that freaked me out.

I had an annoying dream. I'm currently sick, and i have a hurting throat. I dreamt i was asking people for some cough syroup, but people were saying "If you want sugar eat some candys", as if i was asking for maple syroup... I was pissed as hell and i shouted on my mother for some medicines like some deadhead junkie
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I had a dream I went to see thin lizzy (I really am going in december). But the only people tht turned up were all under the age of 14. We then had to walk to the venue from the place where the band told us to meet them, but we had to stop and wait as the band got some chips on the way. We finally got the the venue, but they brought us into a little crappy hall behind the main concert hall. There was no stage or anything, so they setup on the floor and started playing some velvet revolver songs (WTF?). Then my friend started messing with the singers hair while he played guitar (not phil lynnot btw) so the singer walks off and so does the drummer, then the singer comes back and starts playing drums (wtf?). They finally get through that velvet revolver song and that was the set over so they walk off. Then their tour manager (whos actually a really hot chick) makes us watch some crappy dvd that last about 30 seconds. Then we're walking down this corridor to the gift shop (yet again, why do they have their own gift shop wtf?) but the corridor is actually a wall similar to the great wall of china, then this water comes out of nowhere and starts going around out ankles, and my science book gets wet (this is where I kinda started to realise this all seems a little far-fetched ). We get to the gift shop and everyone boos and talks about how crap they are. Then I woke up.

I also left out a loooot of detail there because the detail makes even less sense (its hard to picture too).

Anyway, I just had to tell someone that, because it was the most realistic dream (image wise, not sense wise ) that I've ever had.