Hi all,

At last I bought a brand new GB & A Acoustic Guitar (Model AG110C). It costed me Rs.3,075/- inclusive of the Guitar cover and pluctrums. My tutor came along with me to select a good one...

I bought it from Saptaswara musicals in Chennai. My classes are starting from this Saturday... eagering awaiting to enjoy playing with the guitar...

Cool, congrats on the purchase. Cant say ive heard of this brand but if youre happy with it thats all that matters. Post a pic if you get the chance.
Ive seen these guitars for sale here in the uae..... ive played on them i dont think there anything too special but maybe sum models are like really good but i mean it must be good for a begginer

why dont u post sum pics
Congratulations, we need more acoustic folks around here.