doing a few restoration projects, wondering if anyone has some spare stuff knocking around they would like to sell me...

looking for

3+3 LP style tuners (any make/colour)
any DECENT humbuckers (can be regular/f-spaced, any colour, must be working)
500k pots
switches (5 way or 3 way selectors)

ANYTHING else you wanna sell!

also, im looking for a nice OD pedal for my new VC50, and a noise reduction pedal, and maybe a BBE sonic stomp/rocktron exciter!

i have a set of ibanez infinity pickups (INF3, INFS3, INF4) if you're interested
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I have a spare Jazz/JB set. Great combo for an all rounder guitar and in great condition plenty of wires left. £80 and it's yours.
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I have a Jackhammer if you want a good OD pedal. Look in my sig, I've got some photos of it and some info. And i may have some clips up later.
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For parts brand new I'd recommend axes-r-us - I could've given you the tuners, pots, one hum and the switch if you had asked me last week. They kept taking up space so I just threw them out.

I've played the Marshall pedals ( not the jackhammer ) - I'd say look at that for an OD to full on distortion.
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