I'm building a custom guitar inspired by the '72 Thinline Tele, semi-hollow body, ect. The only question that remains is what pickups to use. I'm putting a Fralin tele pup in the neck, either the stock or blues model, and I'm leaning towards a Fralin P-92 in the bridge, similar to the Fender split single humbuckers in the Thinline Tele. Now the question is whether that will sound good with the switching configuration I've come up with: five positions, 1. bridge humbucker, 2. bridge single coil, 3. bridge humbucker + neck, 4. bridge single coil + neck, 5. neck. There will be two push-pull pots to give phase and series/parallel switching in positions 1, 3, and 4.
So this was a long way of asking whether the Fralin P-92s sound good when coil-split and/or put in parallel, out of phase, ect. Does anyone out there have any experience with them? What's the word?
Thanks in advance.
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If you split, you'll only get 3 strings, as there's only 3 poles per coil.

FYI, P-92's use steel screws and bar mag. The Thinline originals used threaded mag rods and actually there's 6 mag rods just under the cover too. There's a world of difference in mag rod and bar mags. So, P-92 is P-90'ish.
The Fralin Twangmaster has 3 and 3 mag rods. So, these are Fendery. Fralin uses a 9,200 wind for the B pup. That is for Strat output, maybe for Tele you'd go 10K to 11K.
Thanks for the info. I decided to go for a Fralin unbucker instead, it should work nicely with coil splitting.
Spent life's savings on new amp. Totally worth it.