My band needs a second guitarist and a vocalist...we play metalcore/deathcore stuff, all originals now. we are in Delaware county, Pennsylvania(glenolden and norwood) in interboro school district if that helps... it would be great if you were really close...if still within a good distance(our last singer was from philly) you'll need your own ride(none of us drive). the three of us now are 16 or 17 years old.

Guitarist should be intermediate or better as far as skill goes...good at alternate picking, tremolo picking and have good clarity (not sloppy), also originality and ability to wirte or aid in writing songs... if you can play songs like Elder misanthropy by black dahlia murder, hourglass by lamb of god, losing sight by as i lay dying, and entombment of a machine by job for a cowboy you'll be fine

the vocalist should have pretty good range and be able to do higher range metalcore screams to low death metal growls and handle most of the lyric writing

both people need to be very dedicated...right now we are putting songs together and are in the starting points of a band but plan to write many songs, and eventually record a demo/cd and play gigs in local areas to places in philly

Ages 16-20 would be best but if you still sound like you would fit in the band contact me anyway

oh yeah...no drugs or drunks lol...if you occasionally drink thats cool but we dont do anything andare trying to stay clean haha
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Dude, with a name like Cannibal Corpse, what were you expecting? Ponies and rainbows?