Since there are a lot of international members here I was wondering if anybody knows where to get a keeley DS1 in Europe? I live in Germany and have found nothing here. Maybe in the UK!?

Or if by any chance someone else is also planning to get sth from keeley, then maybe we could order it together to reduce shipping cost? (I know, it's very unlikely but I thought I'll give it a shot).
170€?? I hate Europe. If there's nothing cheaper I'll just try to find some more ppl who are interested in buying gear from the US and pay the shipping. I knew it would be much more expensive, but 170€ are roughly 226$.
Keep checking eBay, you might find one there. And if you don't, it either means that it's really rare or really good.
Ha, just found out the guitar teacher of one of my friends builds his own pedals and can mod them too. Nice timing
I hope everything works out. Sounds great