he currently plays an ESP ex50 with a boss MT2 and some peavey combo (solid state). He wants a guitar for metal and the budget is about £800. I suggested a schecter, preferbaly hardtail.

What do you guys think?
Put some money into a new amp at least, surely he cant be happy with the sound he's getting from his MT-2......my say goes to a new amp over a new guitar. Although you could go halves and completely rework his rig for that kinda money...
I'd go for a Randall RG50TC and an Ibanez of some sort, maybe S470? Seeing as Schecters are ridiculously overpriced over here...
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Wow 800 eh? Some sort of LTD??

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if you're are saying schecter....take a look at the hellraiser.
A new amp would probably be helpful...
Schecters aren't bad but the necks are quite thick and feel slow. But of course its a matter of preference so testing the guitar somewhere is a must.
Schecter is a bad decision in the UK. Horribly overpriced due to the way that prices are set here. A $500 guitar will be priced at £500 typically which we all know is about $1000. Otherwise known as we get ripped off bigstyle.

MrCarrot is on the right track though. Randal RG50tc is all tube and only £300 new leaving £500 odd for a nice axe. My suggestion on guitars is to find a local shop and try some stuff out. Then order what he likes online for cheap and get a pro setup with the savings.
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