I'm looking at setting up a decent recording system for my laptop.
I'm using a laptop with a 1.73GHz centrino processor with 500MB of RAM.
It has plenty of USB ports, a PCMCIA slot, an ExpressCard slot and a 4-pin Firewire port.

Since the Firewire port is only 4-pin it's pretty much ruled out. I was originally looking at some of the cheaper USB audio interfaces, like the M-Audio FastTrack and Lexicon Alpha, but I'm a bit worried about what the latency would be like if I was recording via USB.
I then saw that E-MU make a PCMCIA audio interface for laptops which looks pretty good but is quite expensive.

At the moment I'm thinking about getting a decent soundcard for the PCMCIA slot, which will hopefully reduce the load on the processor and give me a high quality audio output, like the Creative Audigy 2 ZS Notebook, and a cheap USB interface for input.

Just wondering if anyone had any advice about what would be the best way to go with this, or has experience with some of the interfaces I have mentioned.

The main thing I'm after is getting as little latency as possible, while still having a decent quality of audio for recording.

Line 6 make the Toneport UX1 which is a usb interface...with effects and recording software..playing in real time has virtually no latency and recording is about 300ms depending on your quality set-up

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My guitar teacher and its the best amp I've ever heard, even though its not an amp.

Recording quality is brilliant too.

Garageband is a good program to run with it.
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for the lowest quality (with ableton live lite cause they give u that with it)
the latensy is 11.6 ms
That sounds pretty good to me. Does anyone know what the quality of the Mic input is like?
well for mic you can only use XLR not jack but the quality is as brilliant...just like the guitar input. should have same latency aswell as its all controlled by the same equiptment
Toneport is alright, but you may experience latency and other issues being that it is firewire - and NO the amp modules that come with it do not sound nearly as good (imo) as the real thing.

I believe you can get a 4-pin to 6-pin firewire adaptor and with that I would recommend you get a Mackie Onyx Satellite which comes bundled with better (mixwise) software and will have almost zero latency as it is a firewire interface.
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