I'm practicing the Power Rangers theme song and you have really huge gaps that you have to tap in perfect timing. Any suggestions from more experienced players?
Its fret 12 to 9 to 5 then 14 to 11 to 7 etc.
Use your right hand for the highest note

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finger stretching excercises. learn Endless Rain by Satriani, it will help you. My teacher taught it to me, but he called it Endless pain. That song has some tough stretches in it (power rangers) but if you keep practicing and utilize all of your fingers, you will get it.
Combine what both people said above.

You wanna work on your hand stretch cuz sometimes its not necassary to tap but in this case it is.

You wanna be tapping the 12th fret and the 14th fret. Whilst using your first and little fingers on the 5th and 9th frets and the 7th and 11th frets respectively.

Hope that helps ya.
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That's my favorite song! Right up there with the Barney and Friends theme song!

But dude, finger tapping is a hell of a lot harder than it looks.