well you cant really stop a tube amp from getting hot. if you let it warm up first (like your supposed to) then they will be hot. i get decent distortion turned down low, but it dont compare to when i turn up around 5 ish (i have to get earplugs). and about 6 on the clean channel. So basically all im saying is that they are goign to be warm before it will even produce sound.

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^ +1. You wont get any noise out of your amp if you don't let your tubes warm up for a minute or two.
the amp doesn't revolve around the tubes mind you. they should always be warm and ready when you play, but if you're playing a fender twin reverb, for instance, you're not going to get any overdrive or anything close to distortion without using some sort of overdrive or distortion pedal.

not saying you can't get distortion, but you need to find amps that suit the style of music yoi play. if you like heavy metal distortion, you're gonna need a metal-voiced amp. if you want classic rock/cleans, they're easier to come by, because they're usually cheaper.
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