Made this a while ago for my friend because he wanted me to make a theme for him hence the name, c4c if wanted, improvment ideas greatly appreticated or if i should just delete it , enjoy
theme .331 cont.zip
It's ok, don't delete it ;-)

It's kinda hard to think of some improvement since it's quite short and unfinished, but what I'd suggest is making the drums more groovy and using more (any, lol) cymbals. A ncie crash or ride here and there would make it better ;-)

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Crit for crit
Sounds really eighties to me. Bars 1 to 17 are a keeper, the rest I'm having my doubts on. You should lose the thrills, they're ruining the mood (how do you thrill over 7 frets anyway??). Anyway it's pretty, I'm giving it 7,5/10 since it's not finished.
I think the last riff after (including, I guess) the trills is really neat, especially how it suddenly cuts off the bass notes. It kind of reminds me of Coldplay.

You have to get that bass doing something more interesting, though. Having the bass playing the same thing over and over again kind of kills the melodic feel to the song and gives it a cacophonous, Punk-rock sound to it, which doesn't flow with the guitars.

Here's mine:
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that was awsome i loved bars 1-17 and the rest i kind of iffy

I added some cymbals to the first 17 bars tell if you like it, if you do keep em and if you don't well you know what to do!
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