Im intending to do the Keeley mod to my DS-1, and I wanna make sure I have things straight about the led and everything. The original led I take from the Check in the DS-1, goes instead of D5, and then into the O of the tone as the ASE thingie, correct?
And the added led to D4 for the Ultra mod just stays inside, right?

And about the 535Q, I was thinking about converting my GCB-95 to a 535Q.
Meaning I just wanna scavenge the casing from the GCB-95 and putting in a 535Q circuit, but I cant find 535Q schematics ANYWHERE.
Anyone have them?
Or even better, anyone done something similar and can give me some tips in addition?
Dunno about the DS-1, sorry. I do know, however, that it's just about impossible to build a 535Q. If I remember correctly, it's got all surface-mounted parts, an impossibly large and complex circuit, and the switchless thingy which is also pretty complicated. The reason there's no schematic is cos nobody can be buggered to work everything out. It would be easier to mod your GCB to have a sweep selector and Q knob, and while you're there, you can add some more mods like buffer removal, true bypass, and a few more controls.