Im looking for a song to play at my next talent show and so far it seems i am at an intermmediate level and i need a song for 2 guitarists or maybe 1. I am good Lead but my partner is good at rhytym. And im also getting a drummer soon, once my friend buys his drum kit. But i need to find a singer.

The songs i had in mind were: Crazy Train, Face Down, Enter Sandman, Beast And The Harlot, Shoot To Thrill, Have A Drink On Me, and Forever.

I Only play in standard tuning or in Drop-D. I myself can play these songs, i do not have any effect pedals, So please if u have any good recommendations please list them. I would also play an acoustic song.

If anything goes wrong then im just gonna play 5 solos, which are:
To end the rapture
The beast and the Harlot
Bat Country
Crazy Train
Mr. Crowley

But i need some suggestions from other people.
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actually i dont really like the nirvana songs because of the way Kurt Cobain sings, but are there any other good songs?
From your name i would say play tears dont fall, that would be cool, also i would say dont do have a drink on me. Here are some others you could play :
Detonation - Trivium
Knights of Cydonia - Muse
Holy Wars ....The Punishment Due - Megadeth
Manchester United
Im gonna rehearse with my partner and we will try tears don't fall, i'll check out the other songs, if i don't think they are cool then i'm not gonna try them.

anyways, thanks for giving me more options.