so im putting my gutiar and im on the bridge
i got a schaller floyd rosee and this diagram makes no sence to me


i got the actualy bridge part, a steel block of metal and the thing that holds the springs can someone help me out?ive looked at a bunch of pictures and stuff i cant figure out where this metal block goes...its not in any picturess
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You aren't really making much sense. What I think you're trying to say is that you've inserted the Floyd, screwed it down, and now you are having trouble with the trem springs and the claw. What you need to do is take the spring, and put the end of the loop on one of the mini-claws, which should not be screwed into the body yet. (For configuartions of the springs I reccomend this /l\ and /ll .) After you are finished with the springs, put the screws for the claw into the holes on the claw, and pull until you reach the body. Still holding the screw in, take your screwdriver to the screw and tighten it until you can let go. Fo the same with the other screw, and you're done!

EDIT: Oh crap, I messed up. Now I understand you better. to get the Sustain Block attached to the bridge, take off all the asaddles and find the holes where the block goes. Line them up and screw them in. But hey, now you have a free guide to install the springs and claw!
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