Anyone that might have experience or knowledge in this, I'd really appreciate any input...

I'm going to be a senior in high school this year, and I want to go to college for sound engineering. All the schools I'm considering going to require auditions on your preferred instrument, even for an engineering position in music.

Now here's my situation. I've played guitar since I was 12, I can play fairly well, but can't sight read at all. I've been taking jazz vocal lessons for 2 years, I can somewhat sightread, and am working very hard, hoping that I can actually audition for vocals at said schools, rather than guitar, despite the fact that I've been playing guitar longer.

Now what I'm wondering is, does anyone know exactly what's required of you in a college music major audition? I'm positive you have to perform a piece of your choice, and sightread something, but what more is involved?

See, I've already got appointments to visit and tour these schools the end of September/beginning of October, but plan to start working my @$$ off to make sure I'm ready for the auditions, IMMEDIATELY.

ANY input, as I said, would be greatly appreciated
scales sometimes chord appregios, rhythm playing, soloing, usually they have it all listed on their website. also when you visit the school talk to the instructors and ask them what they expect

what colleges are you planning on audition
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Any bands you're trying to copy/sound like?
berklee's auditions requires improv, a prepared piece, sight reading, general questions about why you want to go (and etc., usually follow-ups to questions on the app), chord and scale knowledge. berklee would love you if you are unique and have knowledge of more than one genre (rock AND jazz is always a good combo).

why not try full sail though? fantastic music engineering school in orlando, fl.
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hey TS i'm in the exact boat that you're in. what schools are you looking at? I've been looking a berklee, oberlin (only has electronic music composition, not engineering), columbia in chicago, Cleveland institute, and De paul. None of these really appeal to me fully, except Berklee, but it's so expensive i may just have to settle.
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