I looking to buy a first electric guitar to play rock, pop-punk and punk. I have narrowed down the search to three models. i have $300 to spend on a guitar.does anyone know anything about these models?



Well Epis are pretty good but Im a strat man myself. Go to a good music store and ask some questions and advice - if its a good store you should get good neutral advice.
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my friend has that sg from epiphone, it's a cool guitar and it sounds and plays good
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the ibanez is a SICK guitar, get it u wont regret it
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Any of those guitars would be an above average starter guitar. I like Ibanez but just in case you don't stick with guitar I think (could be wrong) that the Epi's will have the higher resale value.
before anything, how much can you spend on an amp?
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^That's a big factor as well. But either the Epi or the Ibanez. I'm not a fan of SGs.
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First of all, what is/will be your amp?

The guitars are all quite similar, so my advice is to get into a GC, ask for those three guitars and decide which one feels better under your hands.