Well, I've been focusing on the open chords CAGED, and I've got them all memorized, I'm able to play them all perfectly so far, though, I"m finding G to be way harder then the others. I'm not able to play them in order yet, I can, but it's sloppy playing, so it dosn't really matter, I was just curious to know your opinons since most of you are on a way higher level then me.

Should I practice these open chords untill I can play them at a decent speed one right after another I should I move on to there 4th and 5th equivilents? Or should I practice something else? Pretty much I warm up everyday doing an excersize I learned on this site and commence chords and practice in 2 3 hour sessions a day. in the morning and in the afternoon. Will this work?

What are some good excersizes to practice those smooth transitions? I'm just doing it really slowly, then speeding up trying to memorize the placement with my eyes closed.
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wow, your progressing quick!

+1. Good job, dude.
Try and find songs you like that use those chords and maybe a few others you haven't tried. Practicing transitions is great, but learning strumming styles helps you form an accent to the playing, rather than just dry C, C, C, 'kay let's switch, A, A, A.
Maybe a few songs that you encounter will contain bar chords and such, which are kinda hard, but important to learn, so do practice them and don't be afraid to try that new hand position.
Once again, good job. Good luck, too!
You'll find in most songs you can hit an open string or strum all the open strings between chord changes but being able to change them quickly will help. Just start out slow and go over and over them and speed it up slowly until you can change them all with ease.

And yeah for 1 week that's really good >.<
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wow, your progressing quick!

i definately agree
you might try to just play some songs, you can also learn a lot from them
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i've been playing for a long time and still practice everyday.....basically i dont think there is ever a point where you stop practicing the guitar. like everyone else said learn songs. also do finger excercises. hit an open low E and then first fret, second fret, third fret, fourth fret. then move to the next string and do the same thing till you get to high E string 4th fret and go back. keep doing this and gain finger control. start with all down picking, then all up picking, and then alternate picking. you can do this pretty much mindlessly and it will help with faster playing
Keep practicing chord transitions as a core practice, even if you begin experimenting with other techniques.

Consider checking out some simple Beatles tunes, for eg, for songs that use your basic chords. that way you can continue to drill them, but in the funner context of a song. It will also help you change between them in different order and in different strumming patterns.

You can never practice the basics enough -- all "advanced" techniques are founded upon them.
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