anybody got any good ideas for making their playing a little better?..... like one of my rituals is soaking my hands in hot water for a little while to loosen them up.....
Yeah same here, I like it REALLY hot.

And Iv relised that it looks like Im implying something here, but no, I am not.
i use linear exercises to warm up and i play scales. i do stuff along the lines of steve vai's 10 hour work out just not that long
the 1 I use is just one of the easier songs I know, then slowly ramp the difficulty off until you're there. Simple enough, but it works.
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I just mess about on the guitar for about 5 mins, then do my regular warm ups which takes about 2 hours and then play whatever I want.
I start by sacrificing a small goat (or a neighbor if i'm out of goats). Following that, I chant some traditional prayers to the Guitar Gods (Ya know like 'Help me jam like jelly on bread amen amen!'). And finally I play whatever the hell I feel like playing... and/or I eat cake rolls.
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