So after playing my mim fender fat strat for the past 3 years I think it's finally time to upgrade. I like the sound of les pauls but their necks are too fat for me. I primarily play blues/rock/funk, but I'm in a 3 peice band so I'm trying to fill more of the sound spectrum out so it doesn't sound hollow at all. I also like single coils in the neck and middle position, and the way fenders are set up (knobs and the whatnot)

I also really like the neck on my fender, and I'm thinking maybe this is what I should go with

Fender American Special Mahogany HSS

its a mohagany body and right around my price range ($1000USD). Does this look like something I should go after, and has anyone used one of these? My local music store is pretty overpriced and only stocks regular american strats and gibsons that are way out of my price range, so locally I'm pretty limited to what I can try and I'm really not up for driving 3 hours to get to a different music store.

Also has MF cleaned up after their warehouse transfer yet? I'd like to know that when I order whatever I do that it'll come in at the right time and not 2 months late.
regular american strats are only $1000.00. if you can get this you can get the regular one. if its overpriced get it online
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right but I've found that strats are too tinny sounding for me and I was shooting for a heavier body type to overcome that. I'd like to go with a gibson but they are way out of my price range, and the necks don't do it for me. I dunno I'd like something with a thicker tone than alder, and possibly avoiding a crazy heavy guitar. Back problems don't sound like much fun to me.
Probably going in a completely different direction to what you're thinking of, but have you considered a semi? It just seems to fill the genre criteria.

And also you're saying you want to go with a gibson but then you don't like the neck...do you actually know what you want? (he said trying not to sound patronising).

If you really want a Gibson couldn't you stick with your MIM strat for a little longer and save up some more?

Also as I know someone else will ask this question if I don't: What sort of amp have you got?
Most Gibson studio's are under 1000 bucks online, and if your in the states its pretty good since shipping will be less, and you won't have to pay duty.
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Im using a HRD, with an onslaught of pedals.

I'm really bad about buying guitars seeing how I havent actually bought one in the 4 1/2 years I've been playing. Im just looking for a fuller tone than what I'm getting but I dont want to sacrifice my single coils in the neck and middle position.

I've just avoided buying a new guitar because it's a huge investment. Plus I dont have people to help me out at all financially at all, add that in with now knowing anything about anything and it makes for a train wreck of a situation. So yeah maybe that'll clarify some.

Maybe new pickups would do the trick? I'd rather just be playing than looking for this stuff but it's come to the point where I can't take it any longer, and not knowing anything is holding me back a lot.
There are some decent carved top solid bodies in the $350-500 price range. I would check Ibanez as they tend to have thinner necks and better upper fret access than most. ARC100, ARC300,ARX100 and 300. They won't feel like a Strat neck, but they are very playable. Even a solid body flat top like an SG may not give you the fullness you seem to need, although they are great axes. Play before you buy.
thanks for the input guys. guess I'm gonna head down to the shop tommorrow and check some of those out. I know they carry a pretty decent stock of epiphones, but I'm pretty sure they dont carry that type of ibanez, just the metal ones which really isnt my thing at all.

It's just that fat strat looks crazy nice, and it seems like the mahogany would give it a little more depth to the sound, just sucks i cant try it out.