Ok im gonna take my guitar to go get set up sometime soon for the first time.What price should i expect?(in the us0How much does a typical set up go for?Ive heard that 50 bucks max is good.Also what do they do to the guitar?All i know is that they set up the bridge,throw in some new strings and clean it is that all?
Since your going to get it set up anyway why not try and do it yourself first...if you mess it up a bit they can always fix it anyway..this way you can try and learn how to do it yourself.

What type of guitar do you have?
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hmm i have a carvin dc127 with a floyd rose think action needs adjustment cause i get fret buzz(happened during ebay shipping) I was thinking of doing it myself but i wanted to know what extra stuff they do at the shop do all they really do is clean it,set up action and change strings?
Im not so sure they will clean it if all your paying for is to get it set up...not sure though because I have always set up my own guitars .
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I had my acoustic set up last night at a local shop in Vancouver. The regular charge is CND$40, but since I take music lessons there, they charged me $25 + the cost of new strings.

He re-strung my guitar, adjusted the truss rod, tightened the tuners, shaved a little excess off my saddle, inspected the nut (no change), tapped a pokey fret back into place, oiled the fretboard and bridge, & showed me some tricks for re-stringing the guitar. He did the work in front of me so I could watch & have a "fighting chance" of doing some of the work myself next time.

The guitar plays waaaaaay better than it did previously -- it was totally worth it.
Im thinking i should getit set up profesionally for the first time.Anyone know what they do to electrics?