I have had my squier strat for 18 months without any problems.
Today I tried to play and the amp was just buzzing, it wasnt amplifing the guitar at all. I pulled the lead out and as I touched the metal and it could tell. Is there a problem with the guitar? Please help urgent!
i dont think its the guitar, probably just the cable maybe the amp i doubt its the axe
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unscrew your input jack and make sure the connections to it are secure.
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hmmm. I will test Jack when I can. Shall I try it on my mates guitar?
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ok I had the same problem last night, my amp is working and so is my cable, but that means it's the guitar =( I'm upset that my baby is "sick." I check my solders and they are perfect but I think it might be the volume pot because it's been messed up by pushing it to far when changing the volume
yea that happened to me a couple of months ago and it ended up being the cable cause some of the wires came loose inside