I wanna get an acoustic, but had the thought of getting an electroacoustic.

a couple of questions:

can i use a normal electric amp with an electroacoustic?

and will i get a good sound out of an electroacoustic if playing it without an amp?

it'll sound like an acoustic unplugged. amazing huh?

and it probobly wont sound right thru a normal electric guitar amp you may need to get an acoustic amp. also ive heard that it gets alot of feedback from a reg amp.
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good questions, firstly, playing out of a normal electric amp does work, however it does sound rather crappy, you would need to buy an acoustic amp at some point, interestingly they work alright out of bass amps too

an electroacoustic is an acoustic guitar with pickups, either magnetic, or piezoelectric, there are some others as well, this means it is an acoustic guitar which can be played without an amp, usually without the pickups affecting the tone

hope this helps
use a normal amp

and if u want an awsome acustic eletirc look for an epiphone j 160 (the john lennon one)

im in love wit mine and so are all the people who play it
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Pignose is a good amp for acoustics. Yeah it's not real impressive looking but who cares? All that really matters is the player. But they're small and portable.