im going to open mic night tonight.... im a decent guitar player, and i need a song i can learn in about an hour and a half, on acoustic and vocals. preferably something kinda popular pop-punk or modern orkc, but not HEY THERE DELILIAH... i hate that song....
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Do You like Brand New? Alot of their songs sound really good acoustic.
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My band is playing a an open mic tonight too. We are the "headliner" cause we are the loudest
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Everlong by the Foo Fighters?

Or Best of you by the Foo Fighters.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
Why not play something you already know? Pretty short notice to get a song down you're going to play "live"
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green day... you could learn like 3 songs in an hour and a half

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It's not a parody. Claypool took a huge shit full of awesomeness all over the album, hence the name.

Speaking of "The Brown Album" by Primus

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green day... you could learn like 3 songs in an hour and a half

You could probably learn every Green Day song known to man in an hour and a half.
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Some Brand New I'm learning The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot At The Moment.
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