Hey guys I have been playing guitar for a while. I just went away to collage and am living on campus. I have a Gibson 1960 less paul clasic but for obvious reasons I dont want to take it to my dorm to play. So I am looking for a cheep guitar to use to practice with while i am at collage. I would like to have a simi/electric Hollow body guitar thats preaty cheep but still good quality I have looked at and epiphone dot guitar but I am hopeing to find something a little less expensive
Those Ibanez Artcores sound amazing. You can usually find them on sale at the Guitar Center for $200-$300. You could also try antique shops for vintage semihollows for under $200. I've found some nice ones there.
This is my opinion from trying both and buying one. The Ibanez Artcore AS73 is beautiful, solid and great sounding. Epi dot is cheaper and is a great deal also. The AS73 is a little more expensive but a better sounding and looking axe. Even though it cost a little more it is justified. You would not need to be ashamed at all with the Epi. I chose the AS73.
Epiphone Dot studio

a guy in band class has one, it's amazing, just without the finish and aesthetic features
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well, something cheaper than the Dot.....hmm....

Well, the Dot Studio is a fair bit less expensive than the Dot Standard....

This guy here is only going for about $200.... http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Oscar-Schmidt-OE40-Hollowbody-Electric-Guitar?sku=514020

If you want to go more expensive, though, the Epiphone Casino's a fair bet. Good enough for Lennon....

Well I mean thats the price range I am lookin for. As I said I alread have a Gibson 1960 Les Paul classic and I am just looking for something for my dorm to practice with. I like Epiphone simpy because its made by gibson and the sound alot like one

Thanks again I will look at the dot studio and the Ibanez