wat packages r good

i have about $250 to spend

i was thinking of the bc rich sob bronze but...

wat do u guys think

i play metal and just plain mainstream rock

thx a lot for ur help guys
Do NOT get the BC Rich pack.

I don't wanna underestimate you, but if this is gonna be your first electric guitar, you won't have the chops for metal right away. Don't just buy the BC Rich because you think it suits 'metal'. Get something like a Squier Affinity, something that's actually worth owning.
Get yourself a Squier '51 ($100) and a Roland Microcube($125). Possibly the best metal setup in your price range. If you wanted to save more you could get an Epiphone G-400 SG, better for metal, but they're $300.
thank you guys

ya bc rich does kinda suck after reading some reviews and stuff

how about an ibanez i heard they ok

ohhh and this is gonna be my third guitar
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So if this would be your third guitar, just out of curiousity, what are your other two?f
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my first guitar was a first act from like 5 yrs ago

and 2 years ago i got a brownsville eg10

im savin up for some other stuff
ibanez packs are really great
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