Well i've had a Harmonica for quite a while now, and i've been wanting to learn to play. But im not sure where too start, i've been told i have a good brand . . . Blues Harp ms.

Any good points to begin? I've already learned the correct techniques i think.
Harmonicaclub.com is a good site I think. I tried to start playing harmonica but I lost interest, and I sucked wicked bad.
lol..make a sister site...Harmonica-Heaven? j/k. i have one too..i can do basic stuff..i dont really know how to play say...if you told me to play a b id be like...umm..ok no idea. im going to stick with guitar and bass. lol ill have to try that Harmonicaclub.com site.
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Also if it helps, my harmonica is in the key of B.

Did someone sell you that? Its a very odd key to start playing in.

The easiest type of harmonica to play is a diatonic harp, one in a particular key. If you can find/write songs in that key then you can play any note on the harmonica and it should sound okay. The usual story for getting better, learn your notes and learn your scales on it.

The second type of playing is cross-harp, playing a diatonic harp in its 5th key. So using a C harmonica when the key of the song is in G. This gives you a blues tone due to the b7 (F) so it is something else to consider.

In a diatonic harp blowing through it will produce the major triad. In C this would be:


Sucking (breathing in) gives you the other notes of the key.

I don't know what more to write, my mind has gone blank. I shall have a think.
Get a book or something that teaches you to play silly little folk songs like "When the Saints Go Marching In" and "Erie Canal" and stuff. Then, once you've got the basics down, a the rest is really just kind of screwing around and doing what sounds good.

Harmonica is really easy once you understand how it works, since most harmonicas (diatonic ones) will sound pretty good whatever you do as long as you play it in the right key.
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