Whatd be the down side to using a dual pot to fade between two pickups in place of having a pot for each pickup? I'm just trying to save space!
You may turn the wrong knob. The knobs can be hard to find. There may not be enough room in the control cavity for the concentric pot.
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^shaft might not be long enough either.
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Sorry, i didn't mean a concentric pot, I was referring to the kind where one shaft turns two pots. I'm thinking that if you had the input through the middle lug and the ground and outs on opposite lugs for each pickup, so that if the knob is in the middle position, both pickups should be on and turned CCW, the neck pup while CW is the bridge pup. Any problems there?

Check stewmac. I think they carry them.

The down side is: You either won't save space, or you won't have a volume control.
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Could I not control the volume of both pickups with a fader? My only concern is loosing volume or treble, is that likely?