So, my dad's drummer recently bought a couple of guitars, in varying condition (one of which I'm using for the time being). One of them was an SG-styled guitar with all its electronics gutted, and it looked to have room for only one pickup.

What I'm asking, I suppose, is what guitars were made with SG-styled bodies and single pickups (seeing as how I can't remember the make of the one he has). I know the SG Jr., but not sure of much else....

Also, if it'd be worth buying the body from him and refurbishing it? This question can wait until I can get some pictures for you guys, I suppose.
The SG Junior is the only one they did as far as I know. Absolutely awesome guitars, I love them

I'd totally get the body and do it up. So long as you know you can source a neck though.
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Those are good guitars. Some people say that single pickup guitars are superior to multi-pickup guitars, I won't say why (I'm sure someone else will)....but anyway, I'd go for it.
It probably had a P90 single-coil. Good sounding guitars for blues and classic rock. Not very versatile but the P90 has a surprising amount of power and bite.
well, thanks everybody.

Would putting a humbucker in be feasable? I mean, when I say the thing was gutted, I mean ALL the electronics were. no controls, no pickups, no nothing. assuming I can find one the right size, how would that affect the tone? I'm already planning on getting an Epiphone Casino for the P-90 sound, see........mainly on the lookout for a "darker" sounding guitar, hoping I'd have a good opportunity with this one.

I'll see if I can't get pictures soon.
huh. A Fender-wannabe Gibson. that's odd.....

No, definately wasn't that one. His had the tradidtional SG Cherry finish, hole for a single pickup (which I mentioned earlier, I think).
he said single pickup, not single coil.
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