Hey there!

I did just recently pick up my old acoustic guitar which I've barely ever played on before, the problem is that I really feel like playing it now but two strings are broken; the fourth and fifth. So practicing chords is out of question at the moment I guess, but I didn't really feel like doing that anyway. Anyhow, does anybody know any good tabs that happens to not use these strings? I have already found some tabs for the ATWA solo that worked, but now I've 'mastered' that so I would like some more Thank you!

(I hope this is the right forum, I'm new here)
work on some finger picking or solo on the higher strings. btw when this happens it's a really good way to make a song on your own. Once you made it on the 4 string one you can just improve it on the 6 string..at least from my experience
Hehe thanks, but I should maybe say as well that I have like no previous experience of music except from rythm games and such ^^ I don't think I would be able to make a song on my own yet.
Just saying next time u get strings stock up on a few packs just in case. Thats what i do and its saved my ass a few times because the store closes early.