The all pertains to a Les Paul Guitar.

I usually play all the time with my side of my hand rested between the tailpiece and bridge but now I find that doing this leads to the unwanted deadening of the lower strings immediately after I play a chord that uses the lower strings. Basically what is happening is being that my hand is rested on the bridge, when I pick downwards, the bottom side of my thumb deadens them. So now it feels as though I cannot rest my hand on the bridge anymore but that I need to lift my hand up some more and lightly anchor my pinky and middle fingers and basically use my wrist much more to pick. It feels as though I can get used to it but I dont know what I should do.

Should I not rest my hand at all on the bridge and just let my pinky and middle finger lightly touch the guitar and use my wrist mostly?
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i dont touch the guitar at all with my right hand when i play chords

i dont either
picking is a personal thing, however these are some good guidelines

- picking is a primarily wrist-based motion, don't use your arm/elbow that much. they're ok for strumming though.
- don't anchor your fingers anywhere, keep them loose, off the guitar and either straight or lightly curled.
- it's ok if your hand lightly touches the bridge, in fact it's extremely helpful for muting unwanted strings. however don't anchor your hand either, just let it lightly touch and move independently - that way you can switch from muting other strings to no muting fluidly.
Your hand should come off naturely when the strings are played...

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