i want new pots for my epi les paul

what type should i get for the volume and tone? (audio taper, linear taper..etc.?)

i know their value should be 500k, shouldn't it?
500k is typically used with humbuckers.

Audio taper is typically used for volume and linear is typically used for tone. Some people prefer audio taper for all though.
500k, a longer shaft is usually a good thing in my opinion, dont know the difference between those two, i just want the ****ers to turn
i use audio taper for both. i want smoother taper than just an 80:20 ratio audio taper though... i want more like 60:40 which is closer to linear, but still audio.... vintage Les Pauls from the late 50s had that kind of pots. they're excellent.
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what would be the difference if i used
audio taper for all

audio taper for vol
and linear for tone


linear taper for all