ok so i've been..."piddling" i guess, with the guitar for several years now.

but, I've come to a problem.

I've realized that i dont really know how to play the guitar.

i read tabs. thats it. so i just like, learn a song or two a month by tablature...and thats it.

I'm quite good actually, i mean i can play most anything but the insane stuff

but my playing is hollow and has no structure..i'm just playing whatever tab i memorized

so, i've come to the conclusion that i just need to start over.

what should i do? take lessons? learn how to read music? music theory?!

i just dicked around on the guitar for three years now and you sound better than me already but if i ever started over id take lessons man
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Scales, so that you may open the door to improvising and jamming. And theory will help for sure.
take 2 or 3 lessons, to get he basics, scales, a little bit of theory, if you don't want to learn to read don't, try to get a friend to jam with who is much better than you, thats wat i do, he gives me free lessons, it's mostly dicking around, and us playing random stuff, and then some teaching, ten me complaining it's hard, then him encouraging me, and then next time i have it good and we're both happy, just try to get some guitar boddy's and some lessons and you'll see, you get alot better quicker
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here is a good site for you http://www.cyberfret.com. this site has everything you'll really need. learn where all of the notes are on the fret board..learn chords,basic scales, learn more techneque and learn about intervals. im starting to give lessons to alot of people i know..lol if you need more help ask me. ill be happy to help.