I´m starting playing solos in guitar and I want to know with which METAL songs with solos I can start to play. Actually, I only play 2 songs with solos; Breaking Away of Avantasia and Advent of Opeth. Also I play sixteenth
notes in a Tempo of 120.
I PlAyed The AnaTomIst onLy To KnoW tHat InsiDE ThE Heart tHeRe Is OnLy FlESh And Blood
Um... Nothing Else matters. Thats the first one i learned.
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Quote by Roythebattousai
Um... Nothing Else matters. Thats the first one i learned.

same lol
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The first Master of Puppets solo (no joke) isn't very hard once you get how to play it and what it'll sound like.

Later, when you want a little something faster, try the second solo.

the intro solo to Fade to Black
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Californication, first solo in Master of Puppets, Nothing Else Matters, some Nirvana, No Excuses.