I want to play the piano, but I dont want to learn how to read music, so is there a program like gp or powertab, where its possible to see animated keys on the piano?

Im gonna change the topic
How hard is to learn piano? Im wanting to learn piano used in rock music, like in the beatles. I've played piano for a little bit when i was 8, now i dont know how to play it. Would i be able to play Imagine on the piano easily? I've been playing guitar for about 7 months.
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You can have that on GP, but I'm guessing your after a full blown proper program specially for it.
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I don't know any other programs but I think that Guitar Pro is good enough. It has a virtual keyboard and it shows you the notes and the timing of the song.

What else are you looking for?
Use GP...being able to read music is a usefull skill dude.
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how do you show animations on the keyboard on guitar pro?

View > Keyboard
i think theres something under the "tools" tab for piano keys.

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Piano is the easiest instrument to sight read for.

Plus it's a very helpful skill.
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can u view the piano animations on power tab?

I don't think so.

But you can import Powertab songs into Guitar Pro.

File > Import > Powertab

You really should explore the menus in Guitar Pro, you might find cool stuff.
Pianos can be used on GP , just make use of the voices (edit > voices, or ctrl + 1 , ctrl +2, ctrl + G).