I wanna get into some blues music and other than stuff like Stevie Ray Vaughan and some Bluesy Clapton stuff and maybe some Robert Johnson i don't listen to very much but would like to get into, any recommendations?

clapton blues- john mayall's bluesbreakers, 1966. still had his beano les paul, ****ing amazing
Albert King. SRV thought of him as a spiritual father. And STRQ010 is right, Clapton's best stuff is on that 66 bluesbreakers album. Brilliant.
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I like Buddy Guy and Albert King.

Those guys are my favorite blues artists for sure. They may be a good place to start out. For me, when I first started listening to the blues, Buddy Guy turned me into an instant fan.

You may also like Jimi Hendrix's album called "Blues".
ZZ Top
Lynyrd Skynyrd
The Allman Brothers Band
Gov't Mule
Derek Trucks Band
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Son House
Muddy WAters
Elmore James- BADDASS slide guitarist
John Lee Hooker
B.B. King
Wilson Pickett
T-Bone Walker
The Doors
Buddy Guy's album Sweet Tea is a perfect beginning point. really shows his rock influence.
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