if i got one of these on my les paul but use my distortion pedal (boss) would the sound change at all or would it b the same. cuz ive heard that it will sound more crisp and cleaner still w/the pedal and ive heard that it wont change ****
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That depends on what pickups you have in your LP already. I would assume that going to an invader would make your sound much crunchy and would have less of that warm sound from a more classically voiced Alnico pickup.
Yes, the invader will make your guitar sound a lot crappier. Also I'll bet money that you need a new amp more than you need new pickups.
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The Dimebucker puts the Invader to shame for tonality. That should tell you something...the Invader sucks horribly.

I wasted $80 on an Invader for my Washburn 7 string, sounded awful.
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I have always found this to be an accurate perception of an Invader (i take no credit for this, found while browsing through the forums.


Seriously, the invader is terrible.
You should hear the cheaper versions of it.
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The Dimebucker is one of the worst pick-ups I've ever played, and at $100 a total rip off. Get a Tone Zone or something.